Thinking of going Self-Service?

Platforms like Eventbrite do their job pretty well, but they lack proper customer support, expertise and experience in getting your event sold. You’re left doing the heavy lifting setting up the event, determining the pricing and fielding customer enquiries. We are here to help you sell tickets for your event, get the pricing and market positioning bang-on and offer a superb ticketing platform and full marketing support. And the best bit? It really doesn’t cost you any more and in many cases less than Eventbrite!

Self Service –

– No customer support- you’re on your own

– Limited pricing options and lack of select your own seats for reserved events

– You’ll be left answering customer enquiries and limit sales to those internet savvy

– Some people still like paper tickets and not everyone can use an e-ticket

– You’ll be left to pay for Mailchimp and design your own email campaigns

– Eventbrite’s branding is everywhere

– On-Site Box Office! Forget it! Door sales are usually vital for events

– OK they do reports and fancy dashboards

– Membership schemes are a huge part of loyalty, and they don’t do it.

– You’ll be left doing all the work

SeatLive’s Full Service

+ Expert advice and personal account manager to help with pricing, sales strategy and marketing

+ Structured Price Type Bands, Seating plans with select your own seat

+ Call Centre Sales and Customer Support

+ Ticket Printing and Dispatch

+ Free Email Marketing Campaigns

+ Full Customer Branding

+ On-Site Sales Systems and Resources

+ Reporting Portal and Scheduled Reports direct to your inbox

+ Memberships and Donations supported to grow Loyalty

+ We do most of the work so you don’t have to!

We’ll help with any size of event

We’re here to help you run events smoothly, there’s more to ticketing than processing a ticket. Our Contact Centre is available for you and your customers, we’ll take bookings and help with enquiries and even offer a free re-direct service adding professionalism.

We have full mobile Box Office systems and capability to sell tickets at your event and provide teams of trained staff to sell on the day- wherever!

We’ll help with your website, Social Media and with our Free Email Campaign service, get your message out and keep communicating with your customers with pre-event and post show survey communications.

Talk to us today on +44 (0) 20 7631 5570, or chat with us now or contact us