THEATRUM VITAE (noun) – THEATRE OF LIFE [ thee-uh-trum] [ Latin wee-tah ]

Enter the Theatre of Life … a unique synthesis of performing and visual arts that will create a lasting cultural legacy for many years to come.

2022 will see the launch of an innovative and life-changing creative venture designed to transcend barriers and unite people around the world – Theatrum Vitae. Specially-designed spectacular shows and extravaganzas set in iconic locations will explore the progress of civilisation from the earliest times, and tell the story of our shared cultural heritage – while promoting essential human values in the current climate of political and social uncertainty. Beginning with The Path of Aphrodite, Theatrum Vitae will start in Cyprus at the stunning coastal site of Petra Tou Romiou, the birthplace of the mythological Goddess. It then moves to one of Athens’ most magnificent landmarks for The Wisdom of Aristotle, followed by Rebirth in the beautiful Florence home of the celebrated Renaissance poet Dante Aligieri. Finally, the great city of London will host Cyber World, completing Theatrum Vitae’s first journey through wisdom and humanity, from the origins of mankind to the digital world of today. This ambitious project, with large-scale productions transmitted across the globe, aims to touch hearts and minds of people living all over the world. We invite you to become a member of our community, to discover the history of our civilisation and to join us in creating a distinctive new cultural ethos. Explore this site to find out more. Watch online. Or better still, come to Cyprus, Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom (and other exciting locations as the project develops) to see The Theatre of Life for yourself. We promise it will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before…   “

Theatrum Vitae explores the evolution of the human mind through a vibrant fusion of the creative arts – a remarkable cultural renaissance that takes us from mythological origins to the dawn of our digital world.”



Concept Creator and Founder, Theatrum Vitae “

Theatrum Vitae is a Life itself, it is a living experience, it is our perception of our cultural roots and of human evolution … Let us live Theatrum Vitae, let us immerse ourselves in the creative arts it will produce!”



Founder, Theatrum Vitae